Posted by: mteverestair | October 5, 2012

Are You Living in a Haunted House? 7 Explanations For Your Spooky Home!


Do you think your house is haunted? Have you been noticing different things happening here and there without any reason? Before you try to do some ghost hunting, check out these logical explanations for the “unexplainable!”

My Plants Keep Mysteriously Dying! Do you find that your houseplants tend to die in certain areas of your home, even though you water and care for them as best as you can? It could be the presence of a malevolent spirit, or it could be that your temperature or humidity levels are a bit off, causing your plant to die. Many of our houseplants are native to different environments such as jungles, so if you find that your home is very dry or colder than normal, you might need to simply mist your houseplant more often. Try slightly adjusting humidity and temperature levels and see how your plants react.

I Experience Frequent Unexplained Illnesses – Spooks with bad intentions can be known to cause illness or even death in a haunted home’s living residents. If you find that you keep catching colds or becoming ill for a seemingly unexplained reason, you might want to check your vents first. Dirty ducts and vents trap in allergens, dust mites, and all sorts of gunk that you breathe in and out every day in your home, which is not so great for your body! It’s probably time to pick up the phone and call us to make your ducts sparkling clean!

Why Are All These Pests Here? If you happen to find a very strange surge of pests such as insects or spiders, it might not be a ghost trying to kick you out of your home. Your foundation might have cracks or perhaps your insulation isn’t in the best shape (or maybe you just left out all those pizza boxes from that Halloween party of yours!), which will allow common pests to enter your home uninvited. Talk to us or an exterminator to pinpoint the weak points in your home!

My Dog is Barking Like Crazy for No Reason – Does your normally quiet dog now bark and stare at nothing for no particular reason? He could be warding off an unfriendly spirit from harming you, or he could be barking for several other reasons. Dogs tend to bark if they’re bored, frustrated, or afraid of something. If you’ve narrowed it down to fear, keep in mind that dogs have much more advanced hearing than humans. Maybe he hears something that you don’t normally pay attention to such as a air vent gently flapping a few rooms away from you. When in doubt, consult your vet!

I Hear Really Weird Noises – Are creaking and groaning noises keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep? Do you hear unexplained knocking, rattling, and squealing? You may feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of Poltergeist, but more than likely, it’s just your home making all that racket! Check for any drafts in your windows or doorframes, and call us out to look at your pipes. Sometimes, pipes can be the culprits of all those creepy ghost-like noises that keep you awake at night!

My Lights Go On and Off Without Any Reason – You sit down to enjoy your favorite show during the evening when all of a sudden your lights go off… and come back on again without warning. If you find that you experience this in your home, perhaps Casper or Nosferatu are trying to spook you, but more than likely that your home has some faulty wiring. And remember, if bad storms are passing through the area, then you could experience a whole-house power surge, which could be why your lights are turning on and off by themselves.

My TV Turns Itself Off Without Warning – It’s a spooky experience when you’re home alone doing laundry in the basement and the silence is suddenly broken by your television turning on unexpectedly. A ghost could be gathering energy from the television set to make you aware of its presence, but you more than likely have faulty wiring, a defective switch, or even a loose circuit connection, which is a serious fire hazard. Call us to check it out as soon as possible!

So who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? ‘Fraid not – call us here at Mt. Everest at 1-877-552-2326 or check us out online at! We can help you have a happy Halloween and save you money and any lost sleep you may have!


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