Posted by: mteverestair | September 13, 2012

5 Signs That You Need to Buy a New Air Conditioner


Have you ever heard the age-old adage, “All good things must come to an end” at some point in your life? This applies to pretty much everything, including your air conditioning unit.

While you may stay on top of changing your filters on time (once a month, that is), get your inspection done every year, and do all the required air conditioner maintenance, your air conditioner will one day be on its last leg. When that happens, it will be time to say good-bye to your cool, faithful friend.

But how can you tell that your air conditioner is about to kick the bucket? Here are 5 signs that point to pulling the plug on the old beast pretty soon!

The Unit is Over 10 Years Old – If you’ve been experiencing more and more problems with your air conditioner and it’s over 10 years in age, it may be more beneficial to spring for a new unit. There have been many advances in the last ten years, so the new air conditioning unit you will purchase can be 30-40% more efficient than your current unit! And yes, it will initially cost you more money than a repair, but you will make up for it several times over in energy savings and fewer repairs!

You Hear Odd Noises – Just about any technician will tell you that any air conditioning unit will have its own distinct sounds that you’ll get used to. But if you hear anything new or out-of-place, it might be time to cut ties with your unit. Humming and rushing air aren’t really much of a concern for the most part, but if you hear any knocking, growling, squealing, or rattling, this could mean your a/c unit could be done…. for good.

Your Unit Has Repairs Done… Constantly – Does your air conditioner break down often? Are you tired of repair bill after repair bill? Well, it may mean that it’s time for a new air conditioner! As your unit nears the end of its useable life, its parts will continue to wear out and will require more repairs. If your air conditioner has had a lot of repairs done (and is over 10 years in age), it very well may be time to look into a new air conditioner!

Your Home Has Inconsistent Temperatures – Have you been having several temperature inconsistencies, hot or cold spots in certain rooms, or rooms that are the incorrect temperature completely? Well, it could be a ghost, but WE think that your a/c is on its last legs. If you have rooms in which the vents are releasing too much or too little air or your rooms can’t stay cool or become sticky or humid, you definitely should call us to check it out!

Your Have High Energy Bills – As your air conditioner ages, it will become less and less energy efficient. That’s usually why a spike in energy usage can be seen, which is reflected in your energy bills. Don’t worry – it’s completely normal! Just take it as a sign from your a/c that it’s time to move on and get a new unit.

If you have any questions about your air conditioner or would like an inspection, pick up the phone and call us at Mt. Everest Air at 1-877-552-2326 or check out our website at! We can solve just about any air conditioning problem and get you cool in no time!


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