Posted by: mteverestair | August 9, 2012

The 11 Tasks You Must Do Before Leaving for Vacation


Are you going on vacation soon? If so, congratulations (and take us with you!)! Vacations are fun to embark upon, especially with friends, family, or our loved ones. They give us a time to recharge away from work and other daily commitments that wear on us day in and day out.

Unfortunately, if you fail to take care of certain tasks before you leave to enjoy your vacation, you could come back feeling more stressed and strapped for cash then ever before!

We at Mt. Everest Air humbly offer 11 essential tasks that you really should do before you leave for vacation. Be sure to check them out or even print it out to use as a handy checklist so that you know what you still need to accomplish before leaving!

Your To-Do List from Mt. Everest Air

*Hold The Mail – Before you leave, be sure to tell your local post office to temporarily stop your mail so that it won’t pile up in your mailbox, exposed to all sorts of weather and prime pickings for thieves of all kinds. You can always ask a close friend or relative to pick up your mail for you until you return.

*Pay Your Bills – Trust us on this one – you’ll be glad you get your outstanding bills off your back ASAP. You’ll feel more at ease on your vacation, and you won’t come home to late fees (or worse, your power being shut off!).

*Inspect Your Fridge – Look over the contents in your fridge and get rid of any perishables that will spoil or expire while you’re gone. After that, be sure to turn the fridge’s temperature up a few degrees so that you can save a little more on your energy bill!

*Water Your Plants – Don’t leave your friends thirsty! Be sure to give your plants plenty of water before you go.

*Turn Off the Water – Unless someone is house-sitting for you, there’s no need for your water to be on while you’re away. Besides, shutting off your water will help ensure that you won’t come home to any unexpected water damage, or worse, a flood.

*Turn Off Your Water Heater – And turn it off at the breaker. Don’t worry – the unit will still continue to heat up the water while you’re gone, and it won’t take long at all for the water to reach its normal temperatures when you return! It will help you save money and energy.

*Turn That A/C Up! – No one’s going to be home to enjoy the air conditioning when you’re on vacation, so turn it up! It’ll help you save money on your energy bills and will assist in taking out any extra moisture in the air so mold can’t grow while you’re out.

*Check Your Washer and Dryer – Usually, people like to do a load of laundry before packing up to go. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to forget a load, especially if you’ve done several in one sitting. Be sure that you haven’t left any wet clothing in your washer or dryer before you go!

*Unplug the Electronics and Small Appliances – Not only will you be saving more money by unplugging your electronics and small appliances, but you will also avoid any potential damage that could occur if a power surge happens when you’re out!

*Put Your Lights on a Timer – Before you leave, be sure to put only a few lights on a timer to switch on and off at various times while leaving the rest off. This will help steer any possible intruders away from your temporarily uninhabited home.

*Break Out the Baking Soda – Nobody likes coming home to a smelly house. Sprinkle just a little bit of baking soda in your sink drains and your toilets so that your home won’t reek of the stench of stagnant water!

For further tips or any other heating and cooling concerns you may have, be sure to call us right away at Mt. Everest Air at (877) 552-2326! Be sure to protect your home, your family, and yourself, and have a fun and safe vacation!


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