Posted by: mteverestair | July 5, 2012

Don’t Be a Fool! Stay Cool in the Hot Weather This Summer!


Don't Be a Fool! Stay Cool in the Hot Weather This Summer!Summer is in full swing now, and the metro St. Louis area has seen some sweltering, record-breaking heat last week. According to many meteorologists, the heat doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, so it’s definitely time to switch on those air conditioners and stay out of the heat!

If you have an air conditioned home or workplace, count your blessings! Staying cool shouldn’t be too hard to do, but there are a few extra things you can do to stay even cooler (and maybe save some extra dough)!

*Use ceiling and pedestal fans! They will help circulate the air and cause a cooling effect. In fact, the temperature can feel up to a full 8 degrees cooler when fans are used!

*Be sure that all gaps around your doors and windows are sealed so that hot air cannot enter your home.

*If you’re not watching t.v. or using the computer, turn them off! They are heat-generating appliances!

*Avoid using the oven as much as you can. Prepare foods that require the least amount of cooking possible, and use your microwave whenever you can.

*Keep your curtains and shade drawn to block heat.

*Close off the rooms you don’t use very often.

*If you have pets, be sure they have plenty of water and keep them out of the heat as much as you can!

*Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

Some of us, however, can’t avoid working outside. If you’re forced to work outside in the hot weather, keep in mind the following tips:

*Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. The lighter the color, the better. Avoid black clothing whenever you can.

*Apply sunscreen that’s at least SPF 15 to all exposed portions of your body when you’re outside.

*If you can help it, limit any outdoor activity during the hottest hours, which is anytime between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

*If possible, avoid strenuous work or exercise outside.

*Take advantage of shade whenever you can and take frequent breaks.

*Remember to drink plenty of water.

*If you feel fatigued, dizzy, lightheaded, queasy, or too hot, seek immediate medical attention as you could be experiencing a heat stroke.

Remember, try to stay indoors as much as possible, especially in an air-conditioned place. If your home doesn’t have any air conditioning, don’t worry – go to a shopping mall or a public library during the hottest parts of the day to keep cool. Even a few hours in air conditioning will help you stay cooler when you have to go back into the heat.

When temperatures are in the high 90’s and above, sitting in front of an electric fan is NOT enough, and taking cold showers can only help for so long. Don’t be ashamed to seek a cooling center if you have no air conditioning. Visit a relative whose house is air-conditioned. Check with your local health department or click here to see if there are any heat-relief shelters in your area.

And finally, NEVER leave anyone – children, the elderly, pets, and everyone in between – in a closed, parked vehicle, even for just a few minutes. Heat builds up very quickly and becomes intolerable in a very short amount of time, causing illness, heat stroke, and even death.

Need your air conditioner checked out? Don’t have an air conditioner but would like to have one installed? Then give us at a call at 1-877-552-2326 or check out our website at, and we can come out as quickly as we can to assist you! Let us help keep you cool this summer!


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