Posted by: mteverestair | May 10, 2012

Hey, Now, Sunshine! Prepare Your Home For the Summer Heat!


Can you believe that it’s May already?

All across the nation, schools, colleges, and universities are getting ready to let school out for the summer, which means that the typical summertime fun can finally commence! Families will soon be barbecuing together, going to the community pools, watching baseball games, and enjoying all that the season has to offer.

But just like the necessity of preparing and packing your things before a fun road trip, you must be sure that you take care of a few things first before you can have fun in the summer heat (and not pay heaping hot prices for keeping oh, so cool in the summer). That’s right – you need to prepare your home for summer!

In fact, spring is the best time to double-check that your home is prepped and ready to go before the cruel temperatures and sweltering heat make their awaited return to the Metro East St. Louis region. Check out the following tips to help you make sure that your home is ready to go for the summer!

Close Your Curtains and Blinds – This isn’t to say that you can’t ever see the light of day during the summertime. By simply keeping your curtains and blinds drawn during the heat of day on really hot days, you will be saving yourself a lot of dough. This is especially crucial for rooms that face west.

Change Your Ceiling Fan To Counter-Clockwise – When you change the direction your ceiling fan’s blades rotate, you will help create a breeze in your home, which will help take out some of the warm air. Most models of fans have a switch above the light fixture to change the blades’ direction. Remember – run the blades counter-clockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter.

Check the Insulation Around Your Doors and Windows – Be sure to replace your insulation each summer before the extreme temperatures cause the hot air from outside to sneak into your home! If you’ve weatherized your doors and windows this past winter, then you’re good to go already!

Inspect Your Dryer Vents – You know that fuzzy lint that comes out of your dryer vent? Yep, you need to make sure that your vents aren’t clogged with that because clogged dryer vents can cause warm air to blow back into the room in which your dryer is located, which eventually raises the temperature throughout the house. It’s also a fire hazard, so please get your dryer vents inspected!

Consider Installing an Attic Fan – The attic can be unbearably warm, especially during the hottest parts of the summer. Install a vent or a fan to help pull the hot air off of your ceiling and provide you with some relief when you need to be in the attic.

Switch Your Regular Light Bulbs for Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Bulbs – CFL bulbs give off less heat than ordinary incandescent light bulbs, which will help with the temperature inside your home!

Replace Your Filters! – You should replace your air conditioning filters every 90 days. Why? Because blocked air filters can really hinder your system’s efficiency! You want more cool air to be blown through your registers, right? Then be sure to replace those filters!

Run Your Exhaust Fan During Showers – If you’re one who likes to take long hot showers, you really should be running your bathroom’s exhaust fan during your shower. The fan will replace the warm, moist air with cool, dry air. After all, you don’t want any of that steaminess following you around the home after your shower, do you?

Bake In The Morning – Ovens give off a lot of heat, especially in the dead heat of summer. If you love to bake, why not consider baking your food in the morning when the temperatures outside are usually low? You can always reheat your food in the evening by using a microwave, which gives off little heat compared to an oven.

If you would like an inspection or have any other questions concerning prepping your home for summer or any other heating and cooling issues, be sure to pick up the phone and call us right away here at Mt. Everest Air! Our number is 1-877-552-2326, and our website is Check us out today!


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