Posted by: mteverestair | October 25, 2011

Is Your House Haunted? Or Does It Just Need Some Extra Lovin’?

Rapping at the windows. Creaks and groans. Chills up and down your spine. These and many other signs could be indication that your house could be haunted. But before you call your local priest or the paranormal society, you should check for logical, physical explanations for the “haunting” evidence. You could just have a few household problems instead of a spooky specter!

Help! I Found Cold Spots!

Cold spots are known in the paranormal world as a strong sign that a spirit has entered a room because they draw on energy around it to manifest themselves. But cold spots are a very common PHYSICAL problem in many households. They are caused by air leaks, usually from inadequate insulation inside the home. Insulation could be counted as properly sealed windows and doors, sturdy, strong walls, and that pink stuff that’s packed tightly in your attic. To know if you have a draft problem in the house, try holding a lit candlestick carefully to your windows, doors, or walls. If the smoke from the candlestick blows sideways when held to these fixtures and walls, that means air is seeping in and out of the locations in your home. And no worries – it’s an easy fix! All you’ll need to solve your bone-chilling problem is a combination of caulk, insulation, and weather stripping in the indicated problem spots. By fixing these drafts, you’ll not only lay your fears to rest, but you will also lower your heating bill by hundreds of dollars!

Why Are My Appliances Turning On and Off By Themselves?

Are you finding that some of your appliances are turning on or off all by themselves? In theory, it COULD be a spook trying to tell you that it wants a piece of toast or to watch the football game, but in reality, it could be chalked up to faulty wiring or even the weather. First off, countertop appliances should always be unplugged when they’re not in use OR plugged into a power strip that will prevent them from being turned on or off capriciously. Also, if storms are passing through your area, then you could experience a whole-house power surge, which is why electronics and lights turn on and off without reason. If these occurrences aren’t to blame, you could have a defective switch or loose circuit connection on your hands, and both of these issues pose serious fire hazards. Call us, and we’ll have them checked out immediately for you!

I’m Creeped Out By the Things That Go Bump in the Night!

Do you hear pops, groans, scratching, and other creepy noises in your house? Do you think a specter could be walking down the hallway to your bedroom or that a demon is clawing at the walls to make you leave? Maybe if you live in Amityville! It’s very possible that squirrels and other rodents could be romping around your attic, wreaking havoc on insulation (which makes your energy bills spike!). Small rodents like to make their homes in large electrical appliances, and they can easily chew through wires and cause fire hazards or expensive repairs. To keep pesky rodents out, be sure to block their point of entry by plugging holes in your home’s exterior, including foundation walls and roof.  If you don’t have rodent problems and hear creepy noises at random, then more than likely you could be hearing noises from outside or just the house settling. Both new and old houses alike creak and groan, more often than not in certain weather patterns.

My Doors and Cabinets Open on Their Own

If you try closing a door or cabinet only to have it open all by itself moments later, you COULD have an intelligent spirit on your hands, OR you could have low relative humidity to blame. When drier air is present in an abode, the wood within shrinks, which can cause doors, drawers, and cabinets to open on their own. An easy fix is to leave your bathroom door open when you take a shower in the winter – it can raise the humidity levels in your home. If that doesn’t work, try investing in a good humidifier to balance the air quality and suck out the moisture lingering in your home. Your doors, cabinets, and drawers should stay shut after these fixes!

What’s That Strange Smell?

Do you occasionally smell smoke in your home, though no one there is a smoker? How about an arbitrary waft of perfume that you nor your spouse don’t wear? Perhaps it is a spirit walking through and saying hello, or perhaps you are overlooking some things hidden from you. For example, wet fiberglass that is hidden behind walls can carry and give off musty, foreign smells. Dead rodents hidden within the structure can be the culprits of those foul odors you smell as well. Also, magazines that hold perfume cards are quite strong, and some fabric softener can be very strong, too, especially if they are new scents and you are not used to them yet.

If you’ve discovered some of these problems in your house or even if you want to put your mind at ease, who are YOU gonna call? Forget the Ghostbusters – call us here at Mt. Everest at 1-877-552-2326! We will be more than happy to solve any of your problems and save you money and any lost sleep!


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