Posted by: mteverestair | September 9, 2011

Seven Essential Tips for Preparing Your Home for Autumn!

Fall is on its way to the metro St. Louis area, and people everywhere are preparing theirhomes with fall decorations and their wardrobes with sweaters, boots, and gloves. One important thing that people can easily forget to do is to prepare their air conditioning and furnace for the fall and winter seasons.

If you tend to forget to prepare your house for the colder months, don’t fret! Here are six essential tips to help you prepare for the upcoming seasons:

Out With the Old, In With the New (Filter):  Did you know that the #1 reason for system failure in a heating/cooling system is failure to change the filter? Some experts say that filters should be changed monthly while others promote inspecting it every month and being prepared to change it every three months (or 4 times a year – once a season!). Seem like a lot? Trust us, it’s better to change more frequently than not. In fact, there are many benefits to changing regularly! Not only will your system run smoothly and efficiently, but you will also improve the air quality in your home, which will reduce any allergy or asthma aggravations. Plus, you save energy AND money on your energy bill!

Break Out the Vacuum: Do you remember how Mom would clean the house to the point where it was SPOTLESS, even doing so much as to clean the baseboards, the vents, and the ceiling fans? Sure, you used to make fun of her and call her a “neat freak,” but there’s a reason why Mom did all that cleaning. It’s a really great idea to get back in touch with your old friend the vacuum and clean not only the vents and ducts, but also the baseboard heaters and cold-air returns. This will not only be better for your heating system’s efficiency, but it will also help in getting rid of household dust, which will alleviate any allergy problems or respiratory problems you or a loved one might have.

Stop Those Drafts Dead in Their Tracks: If you’re feeling that cool autumn breeze in your house, you might want to STRONGLY consider locating any and all drafts in your home and block them. Any leaks that go unchecked and unfixed can really compromise your heating efficiency in the winter months, which means that you would be using more energy and spending more money. Check all of your windows and doors, especially around the joints, to see if you should fix them. If necessary, fix them with caulking or weather-stripping before it gets too cold to do anything about it.

Tidy Up That Thermostat: Yes, even the thermostat needs some lovin’. Be sure to clean its heat sensor, contacts, and contact points to ensure optimum efficiency.

Did you know that approximately 70% of your heating bill is comprised of the heat you use? If you want to save money in the fall and winter months, why not try to keep your thermostat between 68-72 degrees during the day and drop it a little lower at night? If you’re too cold, you can always pile on warm, fuzzy blankets and cuddle up to someone you love, hot chocolate in hand.

Time For Change: If you have summer screens still in place in your windows and doors, it is a good idea to begin changing them to cool weather storm windows and doors. By putting storm doors and windows in place, a much smaller percentage of your heat will escape your home, which will keep you warmer and save you more money and energy!

Tap Into Your Inner Handyman: Before the cold sets in for good, be sure to inspect your windows and doorframes. If any of them happen to be loose or damaged, it is wise to repair them. If you don’t know how to repair them, ask the handyman in your family to help or call the professionals here at Mt. Everest Air! Remember, damaged or loose windows and doors can let in more cold air and can make your heating bill skyrocket in the winter season.

When In Doubt… consider a heating professional check from Mt. Everest Air. We can take care of all your repairs, ventilation problems, furnace cleanings and repairs, and any of your replacement needs!

Don’t be the last one on your block to start your fall home preparations! Get going on your fall preparations right away! If you have any questions or need assistance, be sure to call us here at Mt. Everest Air toll-free at 1-877-552-2326.


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