Posted by: mteverestair | July 15, 2011

How to Stay Cool Without an Air Conditioner

The summer temperatures continue to climb, and we find ourselves trying to stay cool. We should not have to limit our activities to be comfortable. After all, it is summer and we all want to enjoy ourselves. We at Mt. Everest Air are cooling specialist, and we do not expect everyone to sit inside there homes with the air conditioners blasting all summer long. Here are some great ideas that will help you fight the heat this summer!

1. Accessorize

Make a necklace that is very cool, and we donʼt just mean it looks great! Use reusable ice cubes and pantyhose to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry. When you are outside in the blazing sun this accessory will help you stay comfortable, and we are betting that you will get a lot of compliments too!

2. Treat Yourself

Keep frozen goodies on hand when it is really hot outside. Popsicles and frozen fruit kebobs are a great treat that will cool you down and satisfy your sweet tooth.

3. Stay Hydrated

We know that you are already aware of this, but it is very important to drink a lot of cold water when you are spending time in the summer heat.

4. Give the Grill a Break

Summer is a great time for barbecues with friends and family, but standing over the hot grill in 90 degree weather does not sound like much fun. Your guests will be equally satisfied with a cool deli sandwich and some chilled pasta salad. This menu is also much faster to prepare, leaving you with more time to visit with your company.

5. Dress for Success

Make sure you are wearing light clothing. Jeans and heavy shirts will only make you hotter in these scorching temperatures. Shorts, light shirts, and summer dresses will keep you breezy when it is really warm outside.

6. Stay Shaded

When you are going to be spending long amounts of time outside make sure you look for a shady spot. Staying out of direct sunlight will keep you cooler. If there isnʼt a tree nearby to block the sun you can use an umbrella to shade yourself.It is fun spending time outside during the warm summer months, but it is important to be careful. Make sure to use sunblock when you are going to be outside in the sun, and if it is too hot try to stay indoors. You can always contact Mt. Everest Air if your air conditioner is not working properly.


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