Posted by: mteverestair | March 23, 2011

Blue Skies and Green Air!

You aren’t alone in looking for cheap ways to improve your home. But, before you jump in the car and go check out paint swatches, you should consider updating to a high efficiency furnace and air conditioner from Mt. Everest Air. There are many benefits to replacing your old units, and saving you money is just one of them!

Replacing your furnace and air conditioner may seem like a hefty investment, but high efficiency furnaces, which are up to 28 percent more efficient, save you a great deal of money in the long run. These new units can easily cut the cost of your energy bill while adding value to your home. Ultimately, a new high efficiency furnace and air conditioner will pay for itself in 5 to 10 years through energy bill savings.

Still not convinced? Consider this: In addition to adding value to your home, installing high efficiency HVAC units are like hugging Mother Nature. It seems that nearly all Americans are becoming more environmentally responsible, and replacing your old, energy-wasting furnace and air conditioner with high efficiency models is just one way to accomplish this green goal.

Need to know why they’re better? High efficiency furnaces and air conditioners require less energy than their older cousins to perform the same tasks. By using less energy, they create fewer greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. So, reduce your carbon footprint by getting rid of that old one. We’ll even help you get into a new HVAC system with our spring deal.

Painting the walls and adding a few colorful throw pillows might seem like the best way to spruce up your home, but getting a new HVAC system is an even better idea. Those pillows aren’t going to save you money in the long run, and while they may look great, Mother Nature would prefer to relax with a high efficiency furnace and air conditioner from Mt. Everest Air.


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