Posted by: mteverestair | February 3, 2011

How to Get a Furnace for Practically Free?!

When business cools down, we at Mt. Everest Air find ways to heat things back up. As with most heating and cooling companies, our off-season is in the spring … after we’ve installed and repaired hundreds of furnaces during the winter and before we get busy in the summer installing and repairing air conditioners.

When things slow down, there are two options. The obvious one is to lay off some of our technicians; the other option is to offer you a deal that will keep us busy and we’ll be able to keep our family of technicians employed without the company taking a huge loss.

So, here’s the deal: We’re practically giving away39 new high efficiency furnaces while supplies last or until May 15. To receive the furnace, you purchase an off-season central air conditioner and pay $441 to help cover the cost of installing the furnace. All of the equipment is brand new and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. We’re even offering this deal with no money down and payment plans! AND, the cherry on top is that these two new high efficiency units will cut your utility bill by as much as 40%. And because they’re high efficiency, they’re also better for the environment. Go Green!

We know this deal sounds totally crazy, but there’s a reason for our madness. Mt Everest Air owner Jeff Gamblin says, “I don’t mind sacrificing a profit this spring if it means that I don’t have to lay off my irreplaceable staff of highly trained service technicians. I have a wonderful, hard-working, loyal staff, and I am equally loyal to them. I’d rather lose profits than risk losing such great employees, so this deal is good for everyone: my customers, my staff and my company.”

So, please call us at 618.288.6480 to schedule your appointment. Help us keep our jobs by putting us to work, help increase the value of your home with new equipment, and help save your family money by installing a new high efficiency air conditioner and furnace that will cut your utility bills by as much as 40%!


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