Posted by: mteverestair | August 3, 2010

How to Choose an Air Duct Cleaning Service Professional

There are many reasons for deciding to have your home’s air ducts cleaned. Some health issues are related to poor air quality and having air ducts professionally cleaned can improve symptoms of certain conditions. It’s important to know though that choosing a duct work cleaning service that is not experienced with your type of heating and cooling system or one that does not use the proper equipment or processes can actually make the situation worse.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing an air duct cleaning

– Don’t make the mistake of thinking all duct cleaning pros are the same.

– Have 2 or 3 companies provide you with an estimate for the work and what
steps will be taken to ensure the safety of your possessions and family while work is being done.

– Be sure that the pro has worked on systems like yours. Don’t let them                         learn on your home.
– Ask what procedures are taken to ensure the safety of your possessions, pets, and family members during the process. Make sure you are protected from anything harmful they may find in the duct work such as mold or other bacteria.

– Check references! Be sure that others have had good experiences with the company or professional you are considering. You can check with the Better Business Bureau, the Office of Consumer Affairs, or your local county government to see if complaints have been filed. Also, check online reviews for the pro or company you are considering.

– Keep in mind that no one can make claims that air duct cleaning will make your air quality healthier. The health benefits are unsubstantiated and any service who tells you that cleaning your air ducts will definitely make you
feel better is giving you false promised. Some health conditions are worsened by poor air quality though so it is definitely possible that symptoms of illness can be elleviated or improved with cleaning of air ducts.

– Doing your homework, having reasonable expectations on how duct cleaning can
help, and checking to make sure you are hiring an experienced and reputable professional will ensure that you get the job done correctly and safely for your family and home.

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