Posted by: mteverestair | June 21, 2010

Cool Your Home for Less Money

It’s summer. It’s HOT! As the thermometer climbs higher and higher, many of us are thinking about how to keep our cool this summer. Sure, we could crank that air conditioner and let it run ALL the time, but that is sure to raise our energy bill to the point where we still find ourselves hot under the collar! There has to be a way to cool our homes for less money! Fortunately, I’ve come up with a list of ways that we can keep cool and control costs:

When thinking about ways to keep cool inside, start by thinking outside. When thinking about ways to keep your cool, think about trees. Yeah, I said trees! Trees in your yard or smaller trees in your home’s landscaping can help provide needed shade to your home. Trees are also a great natural air filter, naturally improving your neighborhood air quality. Specifically, planting shade trees or even small, ornamental type trees in your landscaping can help insulate your home in both summer and winter. By blocking the summer sun’s direct rays, you can fool your air conditioner in thinking that your home is cooler than it is. Planting trees just to the south and west of your home is recommended to ensure optimal benefits.

Another great way to keep your cool during the torrid summer months is to install ceiling fans within your home. Ceiling fans keep air moving throughout your home, giving you the feeling of cooler temperatures. Think about a hot day when a gentle breeze crossed your path. The moving air wasn’t really cooler but it felt cooler. Moving air just feels better than stagnant air. Furthermore, you should know that the cost of installing a ceiling fan is minimal and you may even qualify for a tax deduction for your home improvement expense. Nice.

Something else you should consider is that proper insulation for your home is essential in the summer too. Insulation helps keep your air conditioning inside your home, instead of floating right out through your roof. Increasing your insulation from a basic 3 inches to thicker 12 inches can cut your cooling costs by as much as 10%! If you don’t know how much insulation your home has, it will pay you back in savings to find out and make the adjustment if needed.

There are also some little things you can do to help cool your home for less money that require little to no additional expense. Try reducing the use of heat generating appliances during the hottest part of the day. Waiting to use your washing machine and clothes dryer until evening hours will cut down on humidity, making your home feel cooler. You can also reduce costs by fooling your A/C into running less by making sure that heat generating items such as televisions, game systems, lamps, and computers are placed away from your central air vents. Your air conditioning unit will spend less time running and that will save you money!

One last suggestion has to do with your attic. If your home has an attic or otherwise enclosed area above your ceilings, you may be sitting under a huge mass of hot air. Sure, the recommended insulation levels noted will help with this but consider your basement. Notice how your basement stays nice and cool even during the summer? Well, using an attic fan or attic ventilator will allow you to “pull” that cooler basement air up into the rest of your home and force it through the attic ventilation. The are many types of attic ventilators and these can really help you shorten the number of calendar days you will need to use your air conditioner. The link, can give you more information on attic ventilators and provide more information on how these actually work.

Making your home cool and comfortable is the main goal at Mt. Everest Air in Madison and St. Clair counties of IL. Mt. Everest is happy to help you maintain your air conditioner’s efficiency with repairs, regular maintenance, as well as provide you with additional suggestions for saving money on your home’s energy bills. To learn more, visit

Summer is HOT. It’s also a great time of fun, family, and taking time to enjoy your home and everything you work for. Go on, relax and enjoy your home. Happy Summer!


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